• Evolva has developed an innovative way to deliver naturally produced, high purity (>98%) trans-resveratrol for all of your healthy ageing product needs.

Resveratrol: an ingredient for healthy ageing

Resveratrol is a polyphenol that is found in several types of plants. In grapes, resveratrol acts as a protector from the harsh environment. Scientific evidence suggests that it can do the same in humans working at a cellular level to assist healthy ageing. Published research and clinical data suggests that resveratrol can play a role in healthy ageing through bone health, cardiovascular health, blood glucose control, healthy cognitive function, skin youthfulness and oral health.

Made Like No Other

Veri-te™ resveratrol is produced using an innovative yeast fermentation process. This means our resveratrol is:

  • PURE: >98% pure
  • SAFE: free of contaminants (such as Emodin and PAHs)
  • RELIABLE: consistent batch to batch
  • VERSATILE: off-white, odourless and colourless

Our Products:

  • > 98% pure food-grade for dietary supplements and foods and beverages
  • Cosmetic-grade resveratrol with >99% purity
  • API grade resveratrol product with DMF available. Sold as everesveratrol.

Regulatory & Quality Status:

  • EU Novel Foods approved and US self-affirmed GRAS
  • Made under cGMP and HACCP based food safety conditions
  • Conforms to United States Pharmacopoeia
  • Halal and Kosher certified resveratrol available
  • We are a “Preferred vendor” of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).

Evolva is committed to supporting clinical trials and research studies to further understand the important benefits of resveratrol in human ageing.

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Veri-te resveratrol is produced by Evolva. Evolva was founded in 2004 and today has operations worldwide. Based on a strong research foundation, we focus on producing high-value ingredients for use in applications for health, wellness and nutrition. We have an R&D team of around 120 scientists working on the cutting edge of their field. Evolva is a pioneer and global leader in sustainable, fermentation-based approaches. Our products include resveratrol, stevia, vanillin, valencene, nootkatone and saffron. Visit www.evolva.com to learn more.


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